We appreciate that your investment in a generating plant represents a substantial capital expenditure and therefore, your choice of a generating plant solutions provider is an important decision to make.

Choosing FG Generator provides you with more than just equipment for generating plant solutions but more importantly, assures you of quality and satisfaction throughout your ownership of the generating plant.

This assurance is afforded to you as we adopt three core values:



We provide generating plant products and services for the entire generating plant life from ‘cradle to grave’ – engineering, construction, training, maintenance, repair & overhaul, and disposal.

With generating plant related systems also within our range of services, we truly are a complete generating plant lifecycle solutions provider for all-encompassing single source responsibility.



With a team comprising of competent and experienced individuals from various aspects of the generating plant industry, you can be assured of receiving a solution that is precisely what you require, with no surprises or delays. We deliver what we promise.


We strive for effectiveness and efficiency in what we do and share this ethos with our customers so that the generating plant that we deliver to you is equally effective and efficient in meeting your power needs.