While the genset is the heart of the generating plant, the ancillary systems below are typically required to support genset operations and commonly form part of the scope of works offered by us. Should you requires such systems, please contact us.

noise attenuation systems

For compliance with the Department of Environment or any local authority having jurisdiction, or to simply reduce the noise levels, gensets typically require silencers for air intake, air discharge and exhaust gas discharge whether for industrial or residential applications.


Remote monitoring and control systems can be as simple as dry contacts for general fault alarms or as detailed as fully integrated SCADA systems monitoring every single aspect of the genset.

fuel systems

As the genset consumes fuel during operation, monitoring of the fuel level and automatic re-fuelling via transfer pumps are commonly applied for hassle free operation.

Besides managing fuel availability, safety and environment considerations are generally fulfilled by way of fuel leak detection and secondary leak containment appurtenances.


DC power supply system typically consists of a battery and charger, where the battery provides power to the genset controller and electric starter during cranking and starting of the genset.

Lead acid and Nickel-Cadmium battery types are available for various starting and autonomy (e.g. 3, 6, 12 or more starting attempts)

electrical distribution systems

Switchgears and automatic mains failure (AMF) panels switch and protect the distribution of electrical power from the genset to the electrical loads to ensure genset power is available when required.