For gensets installed outdoors, an enclosure serves the following purposes:

  1. Protection against solar radiation

  2. Protection against ingress of water, debris and pests

  3. Noise attenuation

A well designed enclosure will not only provide the degree of protection and noise attenuation that meets your needs but more importantly, ensure the reliable operation of the genset without overheating.

The types of enclosures available are:


20′ or 40′ Container

Customised Modular Structure (up to 3000kVA)

Common specifications for the various types of above genset enclosures include:

  1. Built-in fuel tank (4-24 hours capacity, leak detection and double containment)

  2. Built-in switchgear

  3. Lighting and small power fittings

  4. Fire detection and suppression systems

  5. Certified Shipping Container (CSC)

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