In addition to diesel and gas engine gensets, other liquid, gas fuel, and dual fuelengine types are available as prime movers for gensets.As the output of these gensets is subject to the fuel quality and site conditions, for further information, please contact us.

Liquid Fuel Engine Gensets

Alternativeliquid fuel engine gensets available are:

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  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

  • Bio-diesel

  • Medium fuel oil (MFO)

  • Heavy fuel oil (HFO)

Gas Fuel Engine Gensets

Alternative gas fuel engine gensets available are:

  • Bio-gas

  • Syn-gas

  • Bio-diesel

medium and low speed Engine Gensets

Medium speed (typically 500 rpm, 750 rpm and 1000 rpm) engines and low speed (typically 100 rpm and 350 rpm) engines operate at significantly lower speeds than typical high speed (1500 rpm and 1800 rpm) engines and such engines are available for a range of liquid, gas and dual fuel applications.

Medium and low speed engines are mainly used in power plant and marine vessels due to the high importance of availability and reliability because the main advantages of lower engine speeds are:

  • Reduced wear and tear on engine parts

  • More than 8000 hours of continuous operation without requiring shutdown for inspection or maintenance

  • Greater engine power rating from 1,000 kW up to 80,000 kW

3.1.3 Medium Speed Engine

dual Fuel Engine Gensets

Dual fuel engines are essentially liquid fuelled engines modified to operate with liquid fuel consumption reduced through gas fuel substitution. The benefits of dual fuel engines are:

  • Reduction of liquid fuel consumption by up to 99% when gas fuel is available at a lower cost to reduce overall cost per kWh of electricity produced. 

  • When gas fuel is unavailable, the engine can be operated on 100% liquid fuel without loss of power